Reasons to Upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S2 to a Samsung Galaxy S3

With the impending release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, this is penciled in for 29th May 2012. Which leaves current Galaxy S2 owners the big question, to upgrade or not to upgrade?

We think all you that you will be desperate to upgrade to the Galaxy S3 and here are some reasons that will definitely twist your arm.

Bigger Display

Everybody wants bigger, that’s just a fact of life. Therefore when you upgrade to the Galaxy S3 you will receive an extra half inch on the screen, which is a huge difference for viewing websites/apps on your handset! Just to confirm the Galaxy S3 provides you a 4.8 inch display.

Faster processor

To the average folk this doesn’t mean a lot, however if you are a mobile internet user this will be exciting news as it will make the whole process easier, smoother and ultimately quicker. The Galaxy S3 is revving a 1.4GHz quad core CPU, opposed to the relatively puny 1.2GHz dual core CPU on the S2.

Wireless Charging

This is a very exciting introduction that has been seen before on other devices most notably the Palm Pre.

Better Camera Features

The camera in terms of megapixels has not changed (I personally think 8 meg is enough for any phone), however the amount of features added to the usability of the camera have increased significantly. You can capture stills while shooting a HD video, stills Burst Mode that shoots 3.3fps up to a maximum of 20 frames.

Better Battery

Most importantly for the heavy user! Intense use of any handset drains the battery so hopefully the latest offering of a 2100mAH size battery will enable the user to test the full potential of this new exciting handset!!

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