New design, new blog same old Cash4Phone

After years of the same old interface we have decided to update to provide you the smoothest user experience of finding the best phone recycler to get cash for phones. We are looking to develop features further in the coming weeks to allow you the user tools to enable a more accurate searching for your handset. For almost four years we have been involved in the mobile phone recycling industry and our experience has enabled us to implement changes that should aid your quest, in turn getting the most possible cash for your phone.

A new feature that we have launched is the BLOG. We intend to provide you with the latest information from the industry, so you can be abreast of the latest developments and help you make your decision of which phone recycler you would like to deal with. Feel free to submit your experiences of trading your phones with the companies listed on our website (good or bad) as we will publish your reviews to help other user make there decision and try and improve the trading between the customer and the phone recyclers listed.

Finally after all the changes have been made we are still the same old Cash4Phone looking for phone recyclers who provide the best prices so that you our user can find the most cash for phones and receive your payment promptly. So thanks for reading this and do not hesitate to send in your reviews and se them published. (Please no cursing as we can’t publish these type of reviews.)

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