How to sell my mobile phone online

There are many ways to sell your mobile phone online, and we are going to try and help you decide which approach is the best for you! The three methods we are going to analyse are:

  1. Sell via auction website
  2. Sell using Free advertisement websites
  3. Mobile Phone Recycling

The first and most obvious approach would be to sell your unwanted handset on eBay (probably the most well known auction website). This is probably the best approach to achieve the highest sale price. However factors you will need to consider are the fees attributed to the sale (approx 15% eBay & PayPal), then the time involved in taking the photo, uploading the photo, answering buyer questions, P&P costs and time, sending recorded delivery from your local post office. Basically there is a lot of time involved in the overall sale procedure (assuming no time wasters purchase your item and then don’t pay) all of which needs to be considered when comparing the cash achieved.

The second method is less costly as you can simply upload your photo and details to the advertisement site i.e. Gumtree and wait for people to contact you. The major positive of this approach is the lack of fees involved so whatever price you agree that is what you get in your pocket. However there are major drawbacks of this method as people tend to want to come and view the item the haggle the price down and all of this can be time consuming/awkward if you are not comfortable negotiating.

Then the final method to get cash for phones is to simply trade your handset with a mobile phone recycler. Again the positives of this are you know the price before you decide to deal with the recycler. Provided you ensure your handset meets the given phone recycler’s terms you will receive the amount stated and usually you are provided with a Freepost address, again reducing the cost. The negatives are if your handset is in poor condition the phone recyclers tend to have policies to reduce the value for damaged or non-working phones.

Each option has its own merits and pitfalls you can choose whichever suits you best, however if you want cash for phones without any hassle and no time taking procedure we recommend that you simply sell your mobile to a phone recycler and find out which recycler will give you the best value for your handset using our mobile phone recycling comparison tool.

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